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About Us

Transformation Begins Here

Indulge in an atmosphere of total luxury and relaxation in our beautiful spa center.

Our Vision

Meet with highly respected Shamans and participate in sacred ceremonies which promote transformational events of self-awareness and personal growth.


Our  purpose is to become a bridge between the worlds. Through Sacred Journeys, people are introduced to Amazonian and Andean healing techniques , and experiences with the Amazonian plant teachers. Also they give presentations and workshops on their efforts to continue a healing of the heart.


In 2002, we created the “Samai Lodge”, a place dedicated to support the spiritual, emotional, and physical healing of the earth and all her living creatures . This center is located on the Pacific Coast of Ecuador , in the town of San Jose.


Is from Cuenca a city on the Andes Mountains of Ecuador. She is a Journalist and a RRPP consultant. At the moment she Manage Samai Ocean View Lodge near Montanita area and is a spiritual Retreats and Shamanic Journeys facilitator.


She has studied from 1997 with Ecuadorian Shamans: “The Bird People” from the Andes Mountains and the Ayahuasqueros (i-a-was-kroes) and Tabaqueros” from the Amazon Rainforest. In her practice she includes ancient Andean and Amazonian healing techniques, ceremonies, and rituals as well as shamanic Feng Shui and Tarot cards.

Eduardo (Ed )

Has been on a spiritual path for over 30 years, studying and practicing Buddhist meditation, Christian mysticism and Shamanism. He has studied with Zen masters, lived with Andean shamans and spent many nights deep in the rainforest learning of the ancient spiritual systems encoded in the shaman’s cosmology.

Ed has a special sensitivity to nature and facilitates the interaction with the timeless plant teachers on our journeys into the rainforest and the Andes Mountains.

Feng Shui References

Facilitadora.-Tania Durán Tuttle ha practicado Feng Shuipor 15 años con las enseñanzas del Profesor Thomas Lin Yun y el Budismo Tántrico Tibetano en su cuarto nivel. En su trabajo ella incluye el Feng Shui de la Escuela de las Formas y conocimientos ancestrales de la cosmovisión Andina y Amazónica del espacio así como ceremonias, rituales y técnicas milenarias de curación y armonización. Ha estudiado 10 años con los “Yachacs” Ecuatorianos “The Bird People” , es periodista y pintora. Actualmente vive en Cuenca Ecuador en donde realiza esta practica ancestral.

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