Sacred Journey | yoga . healing . spa !
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yoga . healing . spa !

Sacred Journeys ¬ Samai Ocean Lodge Spa

yoga . healing . spa !

Samai SPA Free Wellness Weekend

Want a weekend to relax and revive body, mind & mood? Enjoy near your home, two full days of sensations, surprises, and great deals to take care of yourself, with friends or family!

From Fiji to Hawaii, 50 countries celebrate wellness, with hundreds of spa professionals, beauty salons, thermal springs, fitness, sport and tourism ready to take your breath away. Discover relaxing massages, soothing face treatments, fun yoga / Pilates / dance classes, creative workshops, inspiring conferences, uplifting hikes at no charge…

Book your free pass directly with properties near you, located on the Wellness Map. Join & discover how GREAT if feels to be WELL!



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